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Byebra Adhesive Push-up Pads


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Adhesive & Comfortable
Four words: Soft, Light, Comfortable, Adhesive
The Adhesive Push-up Pads allow you to easily create a natural, full looking bust. Invisible, easy to apply and remove, the pads offer an extra push-up effect. The adhesive gel on the outer sides will secure the pads’ fixed position within your bra cup.
Remove the protective film from the Adhesive Push-up Pads.
Apply the Adhesive Push-up Pads, one at a time, to the inner side of your bra cup.
Gently press the pads to smooth and secure the adhesive onto the inner side of the bra cup. 
Time to enjoy - we support you!
Hand-wash the adhesive part of the pads with warm water, then air dry. 
Once fully dry, cover with the protective film to prevent dust settling on the adhesive parts, which reduces their reusability.
Tip: Apply the Adhesive Push-up Pads into the centre of the bra cups for the desired push-up effect OR apply the pads more to the outer sides of the bra cups for an instant cleavage effect. 

Additional information

Weight 40 kg
Dimensions 40 × 90 × 120 cm


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